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One of the best hikes in the world is the
Ausangate Circuit

An amazing and less-known trek surrounding the snow-capped Sacred Mountain (“Apu”) of Ausangate (6.372m/20900ft) that takes you over mountain passes, awesome mountain scenery, remote Andean villages, hot springs and turquoise lakes. This is an unforgettable hike recommended for lovers of mountain trekking searching for an intense experience in remote areas and wild nature. 

Ausangate (or Auzangate) is recommended only for confident, self-sufficient hikers experienced at high altitude. If you tolerate cold & altitude symptoms, the trails themselves are little trouble. Some route finding is necessary. Trekking guidebook essential.


  • PERU, all things considered, offers the best alpine hiking in the world
  • circle the sacred Ausangate massif (6372m, 20,905ft)
  • fantastic glacier views
  • remote, few trekkers, few people!
  • 4 high passes between 4757m - 5165m!
  • normally gorgeous sunny weather
  • thousands of alpacas
  • hotsprings at the start & finish of the trek
  • it is very inexpensive
  • travel Peru for as little as US$20 / day
  • unique Qoyllur Rit'i festival held nearby in May-June


  • altitude sickness is a big risk
  • evacuation is difficult
  • no rescue service is available. You are on your own.
  • No Park officers. No campsites. No toilets.
  • acclimatization in Cuzco 3326m (10,912ft) is essential
  • 13-hour long nights in the tent
  • temperatures can fall well below freezing at night
  • be prepared for snow
  • storm could pin you in your tent
  • some reports of local people stealing items left outside tents at night
  • long, bumpy bus ride to & from trailhead


  • Ausangate Circuit is 70km (43.5mi) plus sidetrips
  • most hikers tent 4-5 nights
  • there are many options to extend this trip
  • trailhead at Tinqui is 5-8 hours by bus S.E. of Cuzco
  • most hikers bus or hire private transport from Cuzco
  • it is easy to rent gear, if you need anything, in Cuzco for a few dollars a day for each item.
  • this hike is completely unregulated except for a fee payable at the trailhead in Tinque - US$3 / person (10 soles)
  • best months are the May-September dry season
  • plan your trip in conjunction with the Qoyllur Rit'i festival, if you can
  • electrical adaptors sometimes needed in Peru
  • speaking some Spanish is essential though seasonal herders in the mountains may speak only their own languare


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