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When to Go
Peak travel season for tourists is in great part determined by weather. Peru experiences two very distinct seasons, wet and dry terms that are more relevant than "summer" and "winter". Peru's high season for travel coincides with the driest months: May through September, with, by far, the greatest number of visitors in July and August. May and September are particularly fine months to visit much of the country.

Upon Arriving to Peru
Give immigration authorities the landing card (international Embarkation/Disembarkation Card) you received on the plane or the border immigration post. This card must always be returned when leaving the country. Keep it to avoid a US$5.00 fine. Custom officials will ask you to fill a form declaring any taxable items. If you do not carry any, declare so. Tax exempt articles include personal clothes and belongings, portable computer and adventure sports gear. For more detailed information, ask Peru's diplomatic representative in your country. You must also declare any plant or animal species you may carry. You must have the necessary sanitary permits from your country. If you do not have them, the Peruvian sanitary authority may decide to burn the plants or kill the animals.

Driver's Licenses
Driver's licenses from any country are valid for 1 year alter the tourist has entered Peru. Thereafter, a local license must be obtained form the Touring y Automóvil Club del Perú. medical, regulations and driving tests take a full day. For more information, contact the Touring y Automóvil Club del Perú or the Ministry of Transport.

A general sales tax (IGV) is added automatically to most consumer bills (19%). Restaurants and hotels add a 10% service fee. Tour packages contracted outside the country are tax exempt.

At all airports, passengers must pay a departure tax: $ 28, for international flights and about $ 5 for domestic flights. tax must be paid in cash before boarding.

When you are paying your bill in a restaurant, look for the words propina or servicio near the bottom of the bill. This means the restaurant has added a tip, usually between 5 to 10%. If you think the service is good, you can give the waiter an extra 10%. The cheapest restaurants usually do not include a tip. If this is the case, leave the waiter 10%. In better hotels you should tip about US $.50 a bag.

Unlike other countries, Peru does not tip their taxi drivers. Taxis are not metered here so bargain the fare before you get in the car and stick to that price. For tour guides, a recommended tip is approximately $5 a day per person. If you are in a larger group you could pay half of that. If you plan on hiking the Inca Trail, you need to tip your guide, cook and the porters.



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